Who knew saving the universe
could be so much fun?

Join the Chronos Protectorate and help spread the word about 95ers: Echoes to win awesome prizes from the next hit sci-fi phenomenon! Keep reading for more info...

How To Enter:
Simply spread the word about 95ers: Echoes! You can use your facebook page, twitter, blog, website, etc. You can use any of the material provided below, so long as you post this link: http://kck.st/dzj7eb

Here is a list of optional links you can post:

And are free to use any pictures from the 95ers gallery, and any of the videos from the official 95ers YouTube channel and Vimeo channel.

Once you've told your online friends and followers about the movie, fill in this form:
*Full Name:
*Post URL:
*Home Address:
*Zip Code:
-Post URL means the link to where you posted about 95ers: Echoes. If you have more than one link, just put a semicolon (;) between each link in the form.

If you have any problems with the form, then you may send us the required info by e-mail at twilight@edwardsmeadow.com

Remember, you MUST use the kickstarter link (http://kck.st/dzj7eb) when spreading the word about 95ers, otherwise you may be disqualified.

TEN randomly drawn winners will each receive an 8x10 concept art or production still of their choice signed and personalized by the artist/cast/director as appropriate, AND a free copy of the DVD when it comes out.

Out of the TEN randomly drawn, the top FIVE to make the biggest deal about the movie will ALSO receive the limited edition 95ers "Producers" t-shirt, and an MP3 download of the 95ers:ECHOES soundtrack album when it is completed.

AND out of those five, the ONE that made the BIGGEST deal about 95ers--with links, photos, etc. encouraging people to go to kickstarter--will receive their choice of the following: a PAIR OF TICKETS TO THE CAST AND CREW PREMIERE (transportation not provided), or a signed and personalized PRODUCER'S NOTEBOOK (an exclusive full-color photo journal that takes you way behind-the-scenes and deep into the 95ers sci-fi universe.)

We will randomly draw and announce the 10 winners on November 16th, 2010.

If you have any questions/concerns, just shoot us an e-mail at twilight@edwardsmeadow.com

For more info on 95ers: Echoes, make sure to visit www.95ers.com.