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How to upload your video onto your computer:
If you have a digital camera, then you will probably have to use a USB cable (Pic A). First, plug in the small end into your camera, then plug the large end into a USB port on your computer (Pic B). Then go to 'My Computer' and click on the appropriate icon that will lead to your camera. Then save your 'Support Stephenie' video to your computer. If you can't save it as a WMV (Windows Media Video), then you will have to export your video to a different file format. You can export 20 videos for free here. Just click on 'Free Download Video To RM' and follow the steps. All cameras and computers will vary, so refer to your owners manual for additional information.
Audio recording:
You can also submit an audio recording. For this you'll need a microphone you can plug into your computer, or an mp3 player with a built in microphone. Once you make your recording, save the audio file onto your computer. We suggest you also submit a picture of yourself showing your support for Stephenie Meyer with your audio recording.

When you have your video or audio recording, attach it to an e-mail to us at

with the subject "support video." The e-mail may take awhile to send, but that's okay. The longer the video or audio recording, the longer it may take to send.

If you can't make a video or audio recording, you can always just send us a picture of yourself showing your support for Stephenie Meyer.
Let's make an awesome video for our favorite author!

If you have any more questions, e-mail us at

and we'll do our best to help you out.

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