Battle of the Twilight Bands 2009

Welcome to the Battle of the Twilight Bands, a contest where Twilight inspired bands and songwriters compete to see who has written the best Twilight related song! The contest has been closed and the winners have been chosen. Thanks to everyone who participated!

1st place: Monster In My Head
by Megan Stepp and Collette Taylor

Music by Megan Stepp from Philidelphia, US
Lyrics by Collette Taylor from California, US

2nd place: If You Were Here by Lyrical Groove
Written and produced by Chinwe John
Vocals by Nicki Gonzalez
Keyboard by Chinwe John
Guitars and percussion by John Krauss
from Virginia, US

3rd place: Just Bite Me by Anything But Twilight
Band members: Yaletza Peralta Lugo
and Dorimar Perez Rivera
from Puerto Rico

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