Edward vs Jacob Fan Contest

Hi, my name's Lauren and I'm with EdwardvJacob.com. We are pleased to be hosting the Edward vs Jacob Fan Contest, sponsored by EdwardvJacob.com.

As you can tell by our website's name, we are interested in what Twilight fans have to say about which character they like best: Edward Cullen or Jacob Black. I know there's a lot of strong opinions out there about this topic, but we want to hear what you have to say.

Simply email us at contest@edwardvjacob.com with who you like better and why. Keep it short, less than 100 words.

After you email us your contest entry, then go to http://www.edwardvjacob.com/?s=meadow and submit your vote with your email address. If you want, you can then go on and complete a couple other surveys to get more cool Twilight stuff, like the Twilight Collector's Bookset.

If you enter your vote with your e-mail address, then your vote will count for 5 votes! Otherwise, it will only count as one.

The contest will be open until March 18th, which is the Wednesday before the Twilight DVD release.

If you enter in the contest here's what you can win:

1st Place: The Twilight DVD Collector's Edition [will be released late March] or the Twilight Collector's Bookset.

2nd and 3rd Place: A $10 Gift Card to Hot Topic

Here's the twist: your vote at EdwardvJacob.com counts towards who wins the contest! That means if Edward gets more votes than Jacob, then the winning Edward submission will get his/her choice between two possible prizes (the Twilight DVD or the Twilight Collector's Bookset), and the winning Jacob submission will get the prize that isn't chosen.

So if you want a chance at winning the new Twilight DVD, you need to make sure that your favorite character gets the most amount of votes! Remember, your email only counts as one submission and you can't vote twice-- so make sure all your friends know about the competition!

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