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More Behind the Scenes from Breaking Dawn - Part 2 DVD

ET has another clip from the bonus features that will be found on the Breaking Dawn - Part 2 DVD/Blu-Ray!

Fansite Interview with Stephenie Meyer: Funny Stories
from the Set of The Host

Several Twilight and The Host fansites had the chance to participate in a round-table phone interview with the one and only Stephenie Meyer, including Edward's Meadow! Here is Alice's question and Stephenie's response:

Alice (Edward's Meadow): Do you have any funny stories from being on the set of "The Host?" And if so, can you relate one?

Stephenie Meyer: Okay, I'm trying to think of one. Most of the funny stories are with people that you don't know. And so it's kind of hard, it's like 'oh, this person you don't know, we had this funny nick name for them that makes no sense 'cause you can't see them.' Can I think of one that would be accurate that I'm allowed to tell? (Laughs) That's the other problem, there are competent, you know. Being on set is a lot like being in confessionals. There are some things that are just sacred that you don't talk about. You know what, Saoirse's dad, Paul, is incredibly funny and this really great storyteller, and so at some point, we... I need him to tell the story about the solar lights and pawing on the lights, which makes no sense to you. But, you know, you sit around and talk a lot and we had some really good storytellers, it was fun...
Those night shoots, often, you get a little bit weird on. I have my partner in crime over here and she probably remembers more stories than I do. Am I missing one?

Megan (Stephenie's partner in crime): I don't think any that you can repeat.

Stephenie Meyer: Okay. They're not repeatable. Sorry guys. I'll try and think of one. If I get one by the end, I'll tell you.


Stephenie Meyer: Oh, hey, you know what, I want to go back because I was passed a note of funny stories from set.

Alice (Edward's Meadow): Yes!

Stephenie Meyer: So I'm going to go back to that one and I will tell you one of the funniest days I had. But again, it doesn't really involve any of the actors or anything. We were, for the last day of shooting, we're on top of Horseshoe Mesa, which was an extreme climb to get up there. We didn't even know if we were going to make it up there alive. It was a little bit of a scary drive. And we were there all day long. Now, legally, I'm pretty sure you have to have bathrooms close by. It's at least an hour drive back down to camp, and they didn't want to make that drive again because it was so treacherous. So there were no bathroom facilities atop the mountain. Most of the people working on a movie set are men. For them, not that big of a deal! For those of us few women, it was quite a long shoot! So somebody had, they brought up some kind of portable toilet, which was a tent and a bucket, basically. But nobody thought to set it up. So at the end of the day, it was kind of like okay, we're just going to do this; we will set up the toilet. So myself, my partner in crime, Megan, and then Ali, who is Jake's girlfriend, we're like 'this is happening.' And we found a secluded - as secluded as we could get, although they're still shushing us the whole time because, you know, we couldn't stop giggling. We're trying to set this up, and it's really windy, and it keeps blowing over. We're trying to figure out how we're going to use it without being, you know, revealed or knocked over. It was horrific. What we had to do, eventually, was stand and hold the tent post and the tarp closed around it while the person inside was trying to pee with some level of dignity, but there was none. And it was really...we were dying laughing. I mean, we couldn't stop. And we kept getting in trouble 'cause we're over there giggling and peeing. And they're like 'shh, were filming a movie!' We're like 'you don't have bathrooms for us!' So, it was funny and also scarring.
Click here to read the full transcript! A huge thank you to Evie at Twilighters Anonymous for putting it all together!

EM Giveaway: The Host Photo Make-Overs

We have a new giveaway for you, but this time we are holding it on our new film production website, Almost Reel.com! To celebrate the recent release of "THE HOST, A MUSIC VIDEO" and the upcoming release of the movie that helped inspire it, we are giving five lucky fans a special photo make-over, using the same alien-eye effect found in our fan film! You could win a professionally-made, Host-themed profile picture to show off to your friends, just in time for the theatrical release of "THE HOST!" Here are some examples:

Rosalie's Host photo make-over:

Alice's Host photo make-over:

Click here for more details on how to enter! Have fun and good luck!

The Host: New Behind the Scenes Video Featuring the "Love Box"

A new Host featurette has been released for Valentine's Day, this one focusing on what Jake Abel calls the "love box!"

And make sure to see the love box in our fan film "THE HOST, A MUSIC VIDEO!"

New Interview with Stephenie Meyer

Image for Entry 1361030238 Laura from the Twilight Lexicon got to interview Stephenie Meyer for Hypable! It's a really great interview, so check it out!

Hypable: Recently you have had the opportunity to work with some very young actors who play key roles in your story lines. Mackenzie Foy played Renesmee in 'Breaking Dawn – Part 2' and Chandler Canterbury plays Jamie in 'The Host.' Both are really pivotal roles. What was it like working with these young actors?

He's fantastic. We've been so lucky, because --they always say never work with children or animals. But we keep doing that. Both of those two young actors -- who've actually worked together before -- we ended up getting these little adults who are very serious about their craft and completely understand what they're doing. It's not a situation with stage parents, these are kids who love acting and really enjoy it. And Chandler, he's adorable but he's also very very gifted. You just buy him and his feelings. They're there.

There's a scene with him and Wanda and the relationship between them feels so real. I remember Andrew [director andrew niccol] was just amazed because he was crying in the scene, and he said, "It's like that kid can actually control his teardrops and make them stop on his cheek at the perfect spot." He's just extremely talented and it's wonderful to have him in this post-apocalyptic world where everything is very serious. Having a child puts everything in perspective. For me, as a mom, it makes you take their situation so much more seriously when you see a child, and a child suffering in this world that they live in now. So I'm really grateful we found someone as good as him and he wanted to do it, because he's amazing to have.
Click here to read the rest.

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