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Breaking Dawn from a Newbie's Perspective

Image for Entry 1354826511 This article is hilarious! Poor reporter Jesse David Fox knew nothing almost nothing about Twilight when he was asked to cover Breaking Dawn - Part 2...
I first learned about Twilight four years ago, when a former employer at a talent agency handed me a note that read "Twilight Stephenie Meyer" and instructed me to pick it up at a local bookstore. After walking into the store, I handed this piece of paper to the first employee I could find. I said: "Do you guys have a book called Twilight?" and "It's by or about someone named Stephenie Meyer." The employee just laughed and pointed over my shoulder to a six-foot-tall display for the book series. Possibly out of resentment, I remained willfully ignorant of the series ever since. I have gleaned this and only this info in the years since: There is someone named Jacob and someone named Edward. One is a vampire and one is a werewolf, not sure which is which. One is played by Taylor Lautner and one is played by Robert Pattinson (whose last name I recently learned was not Paterson). I also haven't seen either in any other movies, other than T-Laut's appearance in Valentine's Day (appearing with his then-girlfriend Taylor Swift — I know that). Also, Kristen Stewart is in the movies. I don't know her character's name or if she is a human or vampire or werewolf. That is all I knew when I was assigned to go see a screening of Breaking Dawn – Part 2 and told to write down my confused thoughts and questions as I watched. Here are my notes, chronologically. (Spoilers follow. But if you, like me, are clueless about Twilight, they won't ruin your day.)
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Another Anonymous Person - posted on 12/11/2012
Oh god, I'm dying XD *spoiler* I loved that part where he found out that the whole fight was a vision - I cracked up XD

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