Twilighter Wins Phone Call from Chris Weitz
The Twilight fan who won Summit Entertainment's Twilight Twitter contest got a phone call from Chris Weitz, and posted their interview with him online:
I know Edward’s car is now a dark silver, but was there any reason for the change?

Availability. Volvo wanted to introduce a new car into the series, instead of the older model. So they provided a newer model, brown Volvo. Immediately we knew it had to be repainted, and chose a dark, non-shiny, black colour. It added more to the first Edward scene in the movie, the feeling is upbeat but the colour of the vehicle adds to the danger lurking.

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Speaking of interviews, Ashely Greene was on Spike TV:

The National interviewed Anna Kendrick.

And speaking of New Moon, Kristen Chenoweth has done another New Moon spoof, but this time it's spoofing the auditions for New Moon:

Love always, Bella


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