Eclipse is "Driving Towards the Finish Line"
David Slade posted an exciting tweet on his Twitter:
"New Year's gift was cancelled. Out of my hands unfortunately. I tried. On another note our edit is driving towards the finish line... "

Am I not the only one that's dying for at least a small look at the Eclipse movie? I thought so. Then here's something that might keep you from exploding from the maddening anticipation for a little bit longer. But if you want to keep the Eclipse movie as much of a surprise as possible, than SPOILER WARNING! Life and Style Magazine got a hold of the Eclipse script, and they e-mailed us some differences they saw between the book and the movie:

*Edward accidentally wakes Bella in bed and the two make up post-kidnapping.
*After abducting Bella, Edward pulls her leg over his hip while they lie in bed.
*Rosalie fills in Bella on her back-story in Edward’s bedroom.
*Jacob gives Bella a bracelet for graduation, and Edward gives her a diamond-heart charm.
*There’s no version of this fan-favorite scene in the script.
*Despite numerous “passionate kisses” between Bella and Edward, there’s no leg hitch.
*Rosalie tells a rushed version of the tale in the yard while the others prepare for battle.
*Sadly, Bella gets none of this bling from her boys in the film.

Sincerely, Alice


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