David Slade Tweets About Eclipse Trailer and Edit Status
David Slade has posted a few new, interesting tweets regarding the Eclipse movie:

"Edit getting finer and finer, film now running at a great length. Lots of SFX work to do but we feel good."

"So just to clear this up, the Trailer is out of my hands, I would love to release one but its down to Summit. I don't know when."

"Bah paranoid people, the good people at Summit and I get on great. I just don't know when the trailer will be released."

"Onwards we cut, I am watching the great Art Jones tighten our edit, poor Jacob is on his broken rib bed, raining outside, lunch soon..."

Reelz Channel has posted a short article about these new insights.

Also, Anna Kendrick played a game of 'Would You Rather' with Rachel Ray:

And Rachel Lefevre has rescued two new adorable pups from an animal shelter. Click here to read the article.

Sincerely, Jasper


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