New Meet & Greet Opportunities With the Cast
Peter Facinelli is heading to Kentucky! He'll be at the Kentucky Oaks Mall on January 30th signing autographs to help the Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation! Click here for more details.

And TwiCon has added three more stars to their guest star list; Peter Facinelli, Tinsel Korey, and Joe Manganiello (Alcide in True Blood)! For more info about TwiCon, click here.

Also, there's a new cast interview done by The Boston Globe with Julia Jones (Leah Clearwater in Eclipse).

And speaking of Eclipse, Reelz Channel had movie critic Richard Roeper talk a bit about the movie and what is expected of it:

And speaking of Reelz Channel, they are holding a giveaway right now for an Up in the Air soundtrack! Click here to enter.

Sincerely, Alice


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