New Moon DVD Cover Art!
The Twilight Fan Base: The Ultimate Force
From the outside, the Twilight saga fan base probably looks like one of the strongest and scariest forces on the planet. :) But as a whole, we can do amazing things...

A new Twilight fansite, Twilight Lurve, is running a charity to earn $5,000 that would be used to build a well for people who have no access to clean drinking water. Click here to donate now.

The Hillywood Show, who just recently released their New Moon parody, is considering running a Hillywood cruise! Hillywood fans would get to cruise the sea with the entire Hillywood show cast! There would be dances, parties, workshops, intimate dinners, photo opportunities and tons more, but nothing is set in stone yet. First they want to know how many of you would want to go on the cruise, and what you would want it to be like. You can find out more about the possibilities of the cruise here, and you can take their survey here. The more fans they have respond, the better chance there will be of it actually happening!

And Clevver TV wants to do Eclipse book chapter recaps before the Eclipse movie comes out, just like they did with New Moon, but they won't do it until they get 100,000 subscribers. Asking too much, you say? I don't think so. With so many fans, we can reach that goal easily:

Sincerely, Esme


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