2 Days Till Twilight!
Just 2 more days, just 2 more days, JUST 2 MORE DAYS!
Hollywood Teen'Zine has some pictures of the Twilight movie premiere.

Gossip Sauce is holding a give-away, where you could win a Twilight tote, the Twilight soundtrack, the CD press kit with 24 production stills from the film, press notes and the complete illustrated movie companion.
To enter, visit www.GossipSauce.com, create a log-in with your email address, sign in, and in the Comments write a caption for the below photo taken of the film’s stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson at the LA premiere.

Entertainment Weekly has posted the third part of their interview with Taylor Lautner. They have also posted an early review of the Twilight movie. Spoiler Warning!

Hollywood Insider also has an early review of the Twilight movie, with a summary of several other reviews.

Speaking of reviews, Rosalie and I got to see an early showing of the Twilight movie last night (Oh My Edward Anthony Masen Cullen! It was amazing!)!!! I know I said I would try to get my Twilight movie review up today, but I can't guarantee that. With the Twilight movie coming so soon, we're swamped! I'll try to get it up by, at latest, tomorrow.

Peter Facinelli will be on the Bonnie Hunt show today! You can see a clip of his appearance here.

Twilight is featured on Life & Style magazine:

Entertainment Tonight has a clip of Robert's interview on the Ellen Degeneres show.

Media Blvd has posted an interview with Ashley Greene.

Variety has an article and a photo gallery of the Twilight movie premiere.

MTV has posted interviews with some of the Twilight cast members, and a short video of the Twilight Live podcast.

MovieFone has a Twilight guide: Twilight A-Z.

Robert Pattinson is #13 on People Magazine's list of sexiest men alive.

His Golden Eyes has posted part of their 45 minute long interview with Michael Welch. They've also posted their coverage of the Twilight movie premiere here.

Here is a behind the scenes video of the Twilight photoshoot for Teen Magazine:
Have a great day!

Sincerely, Alice


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