2 Weeks Until the Twilight Movie!
Exactly two weeks from today is the release of the Twilight movie! We're almost there!
Until then, we have some more exciting movie news for you:
The two other EW Twilight covers have been released! You can see the second one with Kristen and Rob on Stephenie's site, and you can see the third one with just Kristen here.
EW also has posted the second part of their interview with Robert Pattinson:

Robert Pattinson was also on TRL:
MTV will be showing Twilight movie spoilers on November 14. Click here for more information.
Geeks of Doom has posted information about the Borders Twilight parties on November 15.
According to Austin Film Society, Catherine Hardwicke will be attending a showing of Twilight in an IMAX theater in Texas!
Collider.com has an article about the Twilight movie's profits.
That's all for now!
Sincerely, Alice


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