The Yellow Handkerchief Press Junket
EDIT: Oops! Totally forgot to post this! Last night was the premiere for The Yellow Handkerchief! So how about some pictures from the red carpet!

You know what that means: lots of new interviews with Kristen Stewart and her Yellow Handkerchief co-star, Eddie Redmayne!

Now in this one by MTV, Kristen talks about some rumors going around that...Breaking Dawn could be a 3D movie?

When I heard this rumor I thought "no way." And I was right. Check out the Twilight Lexicon's rumor debunking article.

Now speaking of Twilight cast members being in other, non-vampire movies, Hit Fix is reporting that Rachelle Lefevre has gotten a role in a new TV series as a medical pilot!

That's all for now!

Sincerely, Alice


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