The owner of one of our affiliate sites, Twilight Treasury, is writing a new book we think you will like. It's called Nightfall. The author, E Sanders, is posting her book bit by bit on Authonomy so it can be rated by readers like you! Here's the book's description:
"Holly Godard is at the centre of a struggle between light and dark. Can her Protectors ensure that she lives to fulfill her destiny?

Holly is the girl next door until her world is shattered during the course of one night. One chance sighting of a terryfying evil and she is bombarded with revelations that threaten to knock her from her feet.

But while good and evil jostle for first place, Holly discovers a new love that she believes can carry her through her ordeal on a wing of hope.

Can Holly and her band of 'Protectors' ensure that light wins over dark, or will the magnetic pull of danger lure her into the night?

One thing is for certain, the road will be a long one filled with love, life, laughs, sex and lots of juicy danger.

Follow Holly, Blake, Amber and Alex as they join forces in the fight against darkness."

Sincerely, Alice


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