Upcoming Twilight Cast Interviews
They're not kidding when they say March Madness: this next month is going to be crazy! Not only because of the New Moon DVD and Twilight Graphic Novel releases, but also the releases of several new movies starring some of our favorite Twilight saga cast members (and the release of the first Eclipse trailer before Remember Me). Whoever said being a crazy obsessed Twilight fan was lying.

Anyway, because of all the upcoming movie releases, several Twilight cast members are going to be hitting the air here pretty soon. The Twilight Lexicon has made a list of the upcoming interviews known so far:

March 1
Today: Robert Pattinson
Jimmy Fallon: Robert Pattinson

March 2
The View: Robert Pattinson

March 3
Craig Fergusson: Michael Sheen

March 10
The Tonight Show: Dakota Fanning, and Kristen Stewart

Speaking of such interviews, Robert Pattinson has answered another fan question about Remember Me:

Sincerely, Alice


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