Michael Sheen in Wonderland
Last night was the premiere for Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland." Michael Sheen plays the rabbit, so he was there of course. Sky News has coverage of the premiere and they talk to Michael Sheen for a bit.

Then here's an interview Trailer Addict had with Michael Sheen about Alice in Wonderland:

OK Magazine also got an interview with him.

Speaking of which, there's a couple new upcoming videos you'll need to set your DVRs to record:

March 1
Today: Robert Pattinson
Jimmy Fallon: Robert Pattinson

March 2
The View: Robert Pattinson
The Daily Show: Robert Pattinson

March 3
Craig Fergusson: Michael Sheen

March 10
The Tonight Show: Kristen Stewart

March 12
The Tonight Show: Dakota Fanning

Sincerely, Bella & Rosalie


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