No Deal for Max Steel
With how stuffed Taylor Lautner's schedule has become, it's no wonder that he's now been forced to quit something. The filming schedules for the two super hero movies he signed up for, Max Steel and Stretch Armstrong, collide, and he can only be in one place at a time. So which one did he choose? Stretch Armstrong.

The following is from New York Magazine:
...In the weeks after signing on to play Steel, Lautner became increasingly convinced that Hasbro [the company that made Stretch Armstrong] was playing its hand better than Mattel [the company that made Max Steel].
Thanks to WME, Hasbro was moving with far greater speed through Hollywood's development maze than Mattel, not only setting up projects, but quickly moving them forward...

...Mattel, by contrast, has made little progress in Hollywood, seemingly by choice. Last March, Universal announced that Tom Hanks would be developing a project based on the even-less-well-known sixties Mattel action figure Major Matt Mason (he was an astronaut who lived on the moon, for those of you under 50), but little else appears percolating.

As a result, by the time Universal had begun conversations earlier this month with Monsters vs. Aliens director Rob Letterman about directing Stretch Armstrong, Lautner had already decided not to do Max Steel."

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Sincerely, Jasper


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