Kristen Stewart Serving Left and Right
Kristen Stewart isn't wasting the influence of her fame. Even though some people are already forgetting about Haiti, Kristen is still helping:

On top of that, she recently served jury duty. But it seems her presence there has caused some trouble for two security guards/Kristen Stewart fans. Here's the story for E!...
"[Kristen] appeared in Los Angeles Superior Court earlier this week to serve jury duty. Apparently, one of the security guards was a Twi-hard and asked K.Stew to pose for a quick camera-phone photo. Obviously, she was in the giving mood, she obliged.

However, it appears that perhaps K.Stew shouldn’t have been so generous. The guard’s pal (who was also there) then allowed his wife to post the picture on the Internet…and now the two men could lose their jobs because of it.”

It seem that there is a rule regarding anonymity in the jury pool that was violated. This all came to light when the photos appeared on the blog of one of the security guard’s wives and from there the photos went viral."

Click here to read the rest.

Sincerely, Edward


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