Twihards 4 Charity
Peter Facinelli has started a brand new organization called Twihards 4 Charity, a website to make it easier for Twilight fans to get together to help those in need! Click here to check it out!

The Examiner talked to Peter about this brilliant plan:
"You know, Im going to continue doing my charity stuff, but this website is more about uniting the Twihards, and starting with Haiti. So, maybe it is one of those things where we put a vote out [to see what fans want to support next]," he says. This was also figured into the original plan for the page too, he reveals. "When I talked to Rob [Defranco], I said I dont want this to be trying to force people to, you know, do our charities, I want them to be able to pool together for a common cause.' But I think everyone would recognize that right now Haiti needs help, so I thought well well start with Haiti and go from there."
Click here to read the whole thing.

We're backing you up 100% on this, Peter! Keep up the great work!

Sincerely, Alice & Carlisle


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