2nd Annual Battle of the Twilight Bands!

Last year, we held our first ever Battle of the Twilight Bands, and it was a huge success! So we are excited to announce that we are going to hold a second one this year! With more prizes and more competition, this year's contest is going to be bigger than the last!

The Battle of the Twilight Bands is open to anyone; full fledged band or single song writer, known or unknown, any age from Tween to Twilight Mom (or Dad)! Any Twilight fan that has written a Twilight related song! We will be accepting entries until November 2nd. Enter now for the chance to win free Twilight merchandise or a special wallpaper with Stephenie Meyer or Robert Pattinson's signature! For more information, click here!

Have fun and good luck!

Sincerely, Edward & Alice


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