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Sincerely, Alice

Edward's Meadow/Walmart New Moon Contest
We have teamed up with Walmart to start a brand new contest! Walmart has sent us two amazing New Moon DVD release party packs (one Team Edward, one Team Jacob), which both include...
*One Edward/Jacob bag
*One Edward/Jacob t-shirt
*One copy of Film Fantasy Magazine's Twilight issue
*Edward/Jacob themed jewelry
*One New Moon trivia game
*Several recipes for New Moon themed party food
*One $30 Walmart gift card to buy their New Moon DVD edition (which includes footage from the Eclipse movie)
*One big bag of Doritos
*Several other Twilight saga related items

Here's pictures of the prizes:

So how do you win these awesome prizes? Well you're gonna have to answer some trivia questions...

If you want to enter to win the Edward party pack, please answer the following question:

Why did Edward go to Italy?

A) To visit his old Volturi friends

B) To celebrate St. Marcus day

C) To provoke the Volturi

D) To find Bella

If you want to enter to win the Jacob party pack, then answer the following question:

Jacob turns into a wolf after seeing ________ with Bella and Mike.

A) A movie

B) A concert

C) A murder

D) A flock of seagulls

To enter, tweet your answer to @edwardsmeadow. If you answer correctly, then your name will be put into a random drawing for the prize. Note: You can enter to win both party packs, but you can only win one.

Winners will be announced Monday, March 15th! Good luck!

Sincerely, Bella & Alice


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