EM/Walmart New Moon Contest: And The Winners Are...
Thank you so much to everyone who entered the contest for the New Moon DVD release party packs! You all have to be the best fans a Twilight fansite could have!

Everyone who entered got the questions right (they were pretty easy, weren't they?), so everyone was entered into the drawing. But only two can win, and they are (drumroll, please)...

Edward Party Pack Winner: hwyjunkie

Jacob Party Pack Winner: chongagrl101

If you are one of the winners, we'll need your mailing address right away so we can try and get your prizes to you by March 19th. You may either tweet your address to us to @edwardsmeadow, or, if you don't want your mailing address to be put online, you may e-mail it to us at twilight@edwardsmeadow.com.

Thank you so much, everyone! And remember to see if a Walmart store near you will be holding a New Moon DVD release party! The New Moon DVD edition they're selling will include never before seen footage of the Eclipse movie!

Sincerely, Alice


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