Twilight is Making Graphic Novel History
Last Saturday, Twilight: The Graphic Novel (Volume 1) hit store shelves, and is already #1 on Amazon's list of bestselling graphic novels!

The Advertiser has a great article about it:
"The 350,000 first printing is believed to be the biggest for any graphic novel in the U.S. market.

Because of the original Twilight novel's length, the graphic novel will be published in two volumes. No date has been announced for the second. Nor is there any word on whether the last three books in the series will be adapted to the format.

The hardcover book, illustrated and adapted by South Korean artist Young Kim, was created with author Meyer's oversight.

"When it comes to really seeing Stephenie Meyer's personal vision of the Twilight property, this is as close an opportunity there is to accomplishing that," said Yen's Kurt Hassler. "Stephenie was very specific and has very
clear images of what the characters look like in her head."

Meyer likes what she sees in Kim's depictions of sexy teen vampire Edward Cullen and Bella Swan, the girl he loves. She writes in the introduction that seeing Kim's drawings "brought me back to my first Twilight experience ... suddenly I would be feeling all the same things I felt that first summer while I was writing their (Edward and Bella's) story."

Click here to read the rest.

So if you haven't purchased your copy yet, do so before all 350,000 of them are gone!

Sincerely, Alice


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