Tons of Cast & Crew Interviews
With so many New Moon cast and crew members traveling abroad last weekend for the New Moon DVD release parties, lots of people got to interview them. Let the interview madness commence!

Komo News interviewed Melissa Rosenberg while she was in Seattle.

ABC News Radio talked to Peter Facinelli:

WKRQ radio station talked to Tinsel Korey and Kiowa Gordon in Cincinnati.

Our favorite Twilight Guy, Kaleb Nation, talked to Chris Weitz and Nikki Reed:

There's four more videos of the interview. Click here to watch them.

MTV also interviewed Chris Weitz and Nikki Reed:

There's three more videos of the interview, which you can watch here.

Speaking of New Moon DVD release parties, Reelz Channel has announced the winners of their New Moon DVD giveaway! Congratulations to Cheryl Wilson, Katie McConkey, Mary Hebda, Brittany Spencer and Kim Baker!

Sincerely, Alice


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