Who Should Direct Breaking Dawn?
Ah yes, one of the big questions right up there with "will Breaking Dawn be one or two movies?" "how will they do Renesmee?" and "will 2010 really be the end of the world?" :)
Movie Fone is asking this same question, and has made a list of possible directors they would like to see helm Breaking Dawn:
"Now the burning question every Twihard wants answered is this: Who will be directing the adaptation of the fourth and final book in the series, 'Breaking Dawn'? According to Entertainment Weekly, Summit Entertainment is considering a number of Oscar-nominated directors for the gig, which may be split up into two movies, including Sofia Coppola ('Lost in Translation'), Bill Condon ('Dreamgirls') and Gus Van Sant ('Milk').

But while those would all be interesting choices, the debate got us thinking about who should really direct 'Breaking Dawn.' Do we want safe, studio approved directors? Or do we want unique artists who would bring their own vision to interpreting Meyer's vision?"

Click here to read the rest.

Another director option could be Floria Sigismondi, who directed The Runaways. MTV asked her if she would do it:

So who do you think should direct Breaking Dawn?

Sincerely, Alice


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