Jackson Rathbone Talks Eclipse
Jackson has done a few new interviews recently, and he talks a lot about the Eclipse movie. First, he talked to Fear Net:
We'll finally get to learn a little bit more about your character, Jasper Hale. What we can expect to see from Jasper's flashbacks and your scenes with Catalina?

Jasper's back story is that he was turned into a vampire during the Civil War era, so I got to don the Civil War regalia and ride a horse again -- I haven't been on a horse in like two years, so that was really fun. Basically, that's how I meet Maria, who's played by Catalina. Maria turns Jasper in order to make him the leader, or trainer, of the army that she needs in the South.
Vampire armies are very prevalent in the South in those days. You'll get to see a lot of deadly training vampire scenes, and a little bit of the love-lust relationship between Jasper and Maria and how it doesn't really pan out.

Were there any particularly funny moments you had while filming Eclipse?

You know, whenever you get into these fight scenes it gets a little funny because you're going after each other, and we've all been such good friends for three years now, so throwing a punch at your friend is kind of weird. Jasper has to train the Cullen family, so it was weird… I didn't want to throw punches at Nikki Reed or Ashley [Greene]! It just didn't feel right to me to hit a girl. I was raised very Southern, and that's very wrong where I come from.

There's more where that came from! Click here to read the rest.

Then Hollywood Crush got an interview with him, too:
"There are some really cool action scenes," Jackson told Hollywood Crush. "We worked with some amazing stunt men and women who were so incredible and just a lot of fun to work with and collaborate with. They taught me a lot. So I hope to see a lot more of the action [in the next 'Eclipse' trailer]."

Though we don't learn much about Jackson's Jasper Hale in "Twilight" and "New Moon," his background is explored much more in "Eclipse." "I'm excited for a step up with Jasper's character," Jackson said. "It's been two, three years and now I get to kind of go outside and show a little bit more of what makes Jasper tick. We get to go into his back story — see where he came from, who he was before, what makes him who we see in the first film of 'Twilight,' what makes him seem like he's always in pain, why he's always in pain ... because he is."

Click here to read the rest.

MTV got another interview with him, but he doesn't talk much about Eclipse. Instead he compares Twilight to another movie he did, Dread. Click here to read it.

So while I'm talking about interviews, there's a few more cast interviews that have popped up. MTV talked to Ashley Greene about her upcoming movie, Skateland:

And In This Week.com talked to Michael Welch and Justin Chon during their visit to Salt Lake City. Click here to read it.

And if you want a chance to meet some of the cast members, One Less Nemesis is giving away tickets to the Official Twilight Convention in Houston! Click here for more info.

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