More New Moon DVD Talk with Chris Weitz
Collider had an in-depth conversation with Chris Weitz about the New Moon DVD...

"You told me at that point that there was going to be about 10 minutes of deleted scenes and there was going to be a commentary with Kristin, Rob and Taylor.

Chris: I know and they blew me off. (laughter) By the time it came to record the commentary, I think that they were so exhausted because they had done even more press than I had. And I recall….we did it in New York and they were either on their way there or,
you know, getting ready for some fancy function that evening and it just wasn’t going to happen. And so even though I think it’s probably terribly disappointing it’s just me and editor talking about things, but actually I think we’re rather funny.

So basically you’re telling me that the reason why the actors are not on it is due to time or just…

Chris: Just due to time. It’s funny, you know, you sort of have to plot out amongst all the bejillion other things that they’re doing including getting ready to shoot Eclipse. Whether there is two hours for them to get to the studio to watch the film and then talk through it or not. And it just didn’t work out that way."

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MTV also interviewed Chris Weitz, and he reveals 5 secrets about the New Moon movie. Click here to check it out.

While we're talking about the making of the New Moon movie, Ed from Vampires & Slayers talked to Melissa Rosenberg! Click here to listen to it.

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