Ashley Greene Talks "Incredible Footage From Eclipse"
MTV talked to Ashley Greene and she talked about some of the scenes from the Eclipse movie she's recently watched:

You can read the interview here.

Jackson Rathbone also talked about Eclipse with the New York Post:

PW: So is it difficult then to play Jasper over the course of five films?
Jackson: The thing I like about Jasperís arc is that itís very developed -- you donít know much about him in the first film. He's always in pain but donít know why, until the second film, when you realize that heís the newest to the family and heís basically dying of hunger. Itís very difficult to live that vampryic lifestyle. So heís having trouble adjusting. In the third film, we get to see Jasperís backstory Ė see who he used to be and why heís having such a hard time transitioning.

PW: So "Eclipse" will flashback to his time in The Civil War?
Jackson: Yeah. We do a little segue/backstory in "Eclipse",when he was turned during the Civil War. We get to see his more aggressive tendencies. When youíre first turned into a vampire, thatís when youíre at your most ravenous, most vicious Ė so you see Jasper go through that. It was a lot of fun to bring out the darker side of Jasper that heís been holding back.

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