The Spoof Saga: New Moon Poster & Final Trailer!
We are pleased to announce that our latest film, The Spoof Saga: New Moon, will be hitting computer screens everywhere on April 17th, 2010! Starting next week, you'll be able to watch it on our new official YouTube channel, EdwardsMeadowFilm. Staring Brettlynn Adams as Bella Swan, Jarom Loch as Edward Cullen, Gabe Gutierrez as Jacob Black, and guest-starring Tom Durham (director of the upcoming sci-fi phenomenon, 95ers: Echoes) as Aro, this spoof will turn the saddest book/movie in the Twilight saga into the funniest!

Here is the official poster (and a few other promotional photos) for the spoof:


Here is the final trailer for the spoof. Enjoy!

Love always, Bella & Alice


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