Twilight Saga Cast All Around the World
Cast members are all over the place right now! Like Alex Meraz is in Austraila for the Supernova Convention. A new fansite, The Meraz Effect, has his Q&A Session which you can read here and here.

Taylor Lautner, recently in France, is now in Spain for the Star Ambassador Madrid:

Bryce Dallas Howard, Chaske Spencer, and Bronson Pelletier were in Germany for the New Moon DVD release there:

You can watch more videos of them here.

Julia Jones was in California helping the Toms Shoes company raise awareness for needy children who have no shoes. LA Times has the story.

Now we don't know where Billy Burke is right now, but we do know that he now has his own website,! Click here to check it out!

Sincerely, Esme


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