Kristen Stewart Talks Eclipse
Entertainment Weekly talked to Kristen Stewart about the Eclipse movie for their summer movie preview issue, but MTV has more of the interview:

"I wasn't as tortured as I was on 'New Moon.' Bella really knows what she wants in 'Eclipse.' She's not just a dumb kid talking because she's in love."

That's not to suggest that playing a more-focused Bella was a breeze. Though the teen matures over the course of the story, graduating from high school and getting engaged to Robert Pattinson's Edward, at one point she is pulled back into the romantic embrace of Taylor Lautner's werewolf Jacob. That scene was difficult, both because Stewart sees Lautner as something of a younger brother and because she understands that Bella truly loves Edward.

"It felt really weird kissing someone else as Bella. I was like, 'What the @#!*% are you doing?' " she said. "It was a really strange experience as it should have been."

Click here to read the rest.

Speaking of Kristen, she is on the cover of Flaunt magazine!

Kristen is also on Teen Vogue's list of top ten best dressed for March, 2010.

And Clevver TV has a video about another movie Kristen has signed up for, "An American Girl."

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