Remember Me DVD Release Date Announced!
This just in from MTV:
"If you recently nabbed a copy of the "New Moon" DVD, it’s time once again to add to your collection of Robert Pattinson flicks! R-Pattz’s non-"Twilight" film is hitting stores on a date to remember: June 22, 2010. If you missed “Remember Me” in theaters, rest assured that you’re next chance to see it isn’t far away.

The man also known as Edward Cullen ditches his penchant for blood in this family drama to play Tyler, a chain-smoking New York University student who’s trying to make amends
with his brother’s death. Tyler turns his life around when he meets Ally (Emile de Ravin), trading in his trouble-making ways for true love."

Click here to read the rest.

Sincerely, Alice

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