Site Update: New Songs!
Yes! We are finally updating our Twilight song list! A billion thanks to everyone who sent in their song suggestions! The new songs on our Twilight song list are...

-Baby by Justin Bieber (Relates to Jacob in New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn)
-Magic by Colbie Caillat (Goes with Twilight, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn)
-Sweet Dreams (Beautiful Nightmare) by Beyonce (Goes with the whole Twilight Saga)
-Two is Better Than One by Boys Like Girls (Goes with the whole Twilight Saga)
-Used To by Chris Daughtry (Relates to Jacob and Bella in Breaking Dawn)

And this is kinda random, but I was bored one day (a very, very rare occasion), so I made this Robert Pattinson music video slideshow thing for Paparazzi by Lady Gaga (What can I say? Every time I hear this song, I think of him). I thought you RPattz fans might like it:

Sincerely, Alice

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