Florence Welch To Be On The Eclipse Sountrack?
Florence Welch, lead singer of the Australian band Florence Welch And The Machine, revealed to MTV Australia that she may be recording a song for the Eclipse soundtrack!

"Florence Welch is the latest celeb to want a piece of the ‘Twilight’ action.

The singer has hinted that she may be recording a track for the next eagerly awaited vampire film ‘Eclipse’.

The movie is yet to be signed off, but she admits she could be following in the footsteps of artists including Muse and Paramore.

Talking to NME, she said, "I would do a song for the Twilight soundtrack, but it's not confirmed yet..."

Here is one of the songs done by her and her band:

What do you think? Is her music Eclipse soundtrack material?

Love always, Bella


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