40 Amazing Behind the Scenes Pictures of New Moon!
Before I tell you about some of the most enthralling pictures I've ever seen and more, I need to tell you (you're going to hate me) that this is our last post until this Saturday. We're going on an extended hunting trip this week, but you can still get the latest Twilight saga news at our best news sources. Look on the bright side: the best things seem to happen everytime we're not here to report it. Murphy's law. So stay tuned, because we'll have some very special announcements next week. ;)

Anyway, Hollywood Backlot went behind the scenes of the New Moon movie, and got 40 amazing pictures! Below is just a small taste of the great photos they took. It looks like they might have been filming a dream scene, since Bella's bed is in the middle of the forest:

To see the rest of the pictures, click here!

Also, Lion & Lamb Love has more behind the scenes pictures, but for Eclipse! Click here to check them out!

The Twilight Parents Examiner got an interview with Kellan Lutz!

E! Online got an interview with Justin Chon about Eclipse!

And today is Christian Serratos' 19th birthday! Happy Birthday, Christian!

We'll see you Saturday!

Sincerely, Alice


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