4th Twilight TV Spot and More
23 day until the Twilight movie! There is a new Twilight TV spot:
No, Mom, he's a vampire. :)
We've added it to our Official Twilight Trailers page. If anyone finds a better quality YouTube video, please let us know. To see this video at it's best quality, click here.
Also, the Twilight Lexicon had an interview with Robert Tonner, the founder of the Tonner Doll Company which has been given a license from Summit Entertainment to make Twilight dolls. Click here to check out the interview. Thanks, Laura, for letting us know!
4tnz.com has posted a funny video about something big happening this November (you know what it is).
MSN has an article about why we love vampires, and Twilight is mentioned.
Hot Topic has announced a Twilight Tour, with some of the Twilight cast members. Click here to read the press release.
MTV has a 30 second sneak peek of the music video for Decode by Paramore.
Yahoo! has a list of the best fall movies for TV lovers, and Twilight is on the list.
LA Times has "before Twilight" and "after Twilight" pictures of some of the Twilight cast members.
Have a great day!

Sincerely, Bella


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