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Before I get to the list of awesome Twilight saga cast interviews, David Slade Tweeted this gorgeous picture of an Eclipse filming set:

OME, it's beautiful! Any guesses on what scene is being filmed here? (Maybe a certain camping scene?)

Anyway, here are some new and great interviews:

MTV got several interviews. The first one is with Ashley Greene and she talks about David Slade and Eclipse:
Here is another part of their Ashley Greene interview, but this time she talks about Breaking Dawn:
Here is their next interview with Taylor Lautner where he talks about his muscles vs Rob's muscles and the Eclipse movie:
We won't cry: we'll scream! :)
Then here is one with Anna Kendrick where she talks about the human characters of Twilight:
You can read the rest of the interview here where she talks more about New Moon and the paparazzi pressure.
Then NY Beauty Secrets got an interview with Jodelle Ferland.

Also, Teen Vogue has posted Ashley Greene's list of the best-dressed at the VMAs.

It turns out that the huge event that was TwiCon wasn't finished after the festivities were over in Dallas Texas. They have announced on their site that they will be holding 2 more TwiCons next summer! One in Las Vegas, and one in Toronto! For more information, click here. Twilight and Catherine Hardwicke have made it onto the Guinness Book of World Records! (I've been waiting for this day for years!) You can read about it here on Reuters.

InStyle has an article comparing True Blood to Twilight.

That's all for now!

Sincerely, Alice


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