America Young as Emily Young?
There have been rumors that America Ferrera is auditioning for the part of Emily Young. But the Twilight Lexicon did some sleuthing and found that it isn't America Ferrera, it's America Young that is trying out.

Click here to check out her website, and click here to see her IMDB.

Also, Access Hollywood interviewed Dakota Fanning, and she talks about New Moon!

According to Fashion Week Daily, Kristen Stewart is among a handful of actors who may be presenting at the Oscars!

Wonder Store is selling one of the bracelets Bella wore in the Twilight movie: Saint Jude Protection Bracelet.

Twilight Extremists' Operation: Catherine Hardwicke ends January 31st. So if you want to enter, now is the time!

Cam Gigandet and Taylor Lautner are on The Daily Beast's list of Breakout Stars of 2009.

Billy Burke has been added to the list of Twilight stars attending the TwiCon.

According to Sanity, the release date for the Twilight DVD in Australia is April 22nd.

Cartoonize the World has now cartoonized Taylor Lautner.

Have a great day!

Sincerely, Bella


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