Articles and Interviews
There's a lot of new articles, interviews, and more:
The Twilight Lexicon got to interview Sarah Clarke! Click here to read the interview.
MTV has posted a bunch of pictures of Robert and Kristen at the MTV Movie Awards.
Chelyen Davis from The Free Lance-Star has written a great review for The Host.
Joanne Laucius from The Ottawa Citizen wrote an article about the popularity of the
Twilight saga.
Publishers Weekly has announced Breaking Dawn's amazing printing records.
Kristen Stewart is #18 on the Movie-Fanatic's top 20 hottest young actresses list.
You can now see the Exclusive Twilight Movie Scene in HD! Click on the blue button that
says 'Watch this in HD.'
JoBlo interviewed some Twilighters that went to the MTV Movie Awards with
'Dazzling' signs. Click here to see the interview.
And last, but not least, The Host is #2 on the New York Times Best Seller list!
Congratulations Stephenie!

Sincerely, Bella


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