Articles and Sneak Peeks
Stephenie Meyer has updated her MySpace with both a new layout and a new message
for all the fans that gave her layouts to use. She says that she will probably change her layout
every day so she can use them all. Click here to read her whole message.
Someone at His Golden Eyes was able to get her hands on the Penelope DVD early!
Click here to read the article and click here to watch the included Twilight feature.
Just click on Trailers/Clips. Remember, Spoilers!
G4 is going to be video taping the Comic-Con on July 24th and 25th. The Twilight cast
will be there on the 24th, so remember to watch to see if you can see the Twilight cast!
Film School Rejects did posted part II of the New Moon movie article on Shock Till You Drop. is doing on article about Breaking Dawn, and they want to hear
your comments to use in the article. Click here for more information.
VH1 made a gallery of the "Hottest Hunks Under 25" and Robert Pattinson is one of them!
Have a great day!

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