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Last Friday (May 16th) Bella, Esme, Kate, Tanya, and Alice went to The Host Tour signing
at Thanksgiving Point in Utah! They went a little crazy (okay, really crazy) and got tons and
tons of pictures. They're not up right now, but we'll upload them onto the site soon. Also,
Stephenie's Official site has been updated with news about how well The Host is doing
and Michael Welch has updated his MySpace blog. Unfortunately, we can't give you a
link to his blog, but the Twilight Lexicon can. Also, Rachelle Lefevre was interviewed on
E news, which you can watch here. There are also a bunch of cool new articles to check
out on the Salt Lake Tribune, The Journal News, and Books On Board, which has announced
that The Host is the #1 best selling e-book! That's all for now!

Sincerely, Emmett


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