Battle of the Twilight Bands Reviews

Sorry for the wait, but better late than never! Most of our staff has chosen their favorite song and written a review on it! Here are the reviews!

Bella's review: "My favorite was Consumed by Latonia Salazar. Her lyrics were excellent and the music was amazing! Good job! Keep it up!"

Esme's review: Esme didn't have time to write a full fledged review (too busy raising a family of vampires :), so she just picked her favorite: If You Were Here by Lyrical Groove.

Alice's review: "My favorite part of the Battle of the Twilight Bands is to hear all of the amazing songs by the even more amazing fans. Several of the songs from last yearís contest have become some of my favorites, and I still find myself singing some of them around the house. But the ones that seem to get the most stuck in my head are the funny ones. So, even though I love all of the entered songs, Iím going to have to vote Just Bite Me by Anything But Twilight as my favorite. The lyrics are absolutely hilarious! I love it!"

Kate's review: "I like this song (Can't Fight This Eclipse by Heidi Sierra and Octo 5 of 17 Windmills) because I can relate to the lyrics. I'm sure quite a lot of people can too. This song is beautiful, and sounds like it should be in the eclipse movie. Sometimes, you feel like you just can't fight something, and I think this song expresses that. Heidi Sierra is an amazing singer also, I like a lot of her other songs too. I hope to hear more in the future."

Today is the last day to vote for your favorite song. So if you haven't done so already, now is the time! Click here to vote! The winners will posted here tomorrow!

Love always, Bella


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