Battle of the Twilight Bands
We are pleased to announce our first online battle of the Twilight bands! There are so many Twilight bands out there, we decided to host a contest for them. If you have a Twilight inspired band, or have just written your own original Twilight song, don't be afraid to enter. The contest will close on October 11th, when the rest of the Twilight community will vote for their favorite band. The winner(s) will be featured here on our home page for 2 weeks, and their song will be permanently added to our Twilight songs list. For more information, click here. Have fun!

Speaking of Twilight music, you can now pre-order the Twilight soundtrack on Amazon! But we aren't sure yet if it is the official Twilight movie soundtrack or not, and the list of songs may change. We suggest waiting for a while before deciding to pre-order it. Have a great day!

Sincerely, Alice and Edward


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