Brand New Footage From New Moon!
The beginning of the Volturi fight scene was posted on Yahoo, and now YouTube:

And the first ever New Moon TV Spot aired last night and is now online!

Please excuse me while I scream: AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Okay, I'm done (not).

Real quick before you go to watch those two clips over and over and over again, a few more bits of news:

MTV talked to Jackson Rathbone, and he praised Taylor Lautner on his performance as Jacob. Apparently Taylor made half the cast go Team Jacob.

Charlie Bewley was on ET Candada:

InStyle has an article all about the costumes for New Moon.

Seventeen Magazine spills secrets from behind the scenes of New Moon.

4TNZ has a sneak peek of 100 Monkeys upcoming CD.

I'm going to go scream some more now. Bye! :)

Sincerely, Alice


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