Breaking Dawn Concert Series Mystery
Stephenie's site was updated yesterday with the news that tickets for all four Breaking Dawn
Concert and Signing events have been sold out, and that something that "MIGHT have
something to do with the Concert Series" will be announced here today! At the moment,
nothing is there, but we'll let you know when the mysterious announcement is made.
Also, we now know officially who is playing Embry Call: Krys Smokey-Desperado!
Okay, we only know his first name. But you can see Krys being interviewed by
the Twilight Lexicon with Solomon Trimble and Taylor Lautner!
Speaking of interviews, Gilles Nuytens from SciFi World got to interview Michael Welch
and they talk a bit about the Twilight movie.
Also, Popstar! Magazine published some awesome pictures from the Twilight movie!
You can see them here and here. That's all for now!

Sincerely, Emmett


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