Breaking Dawn Tuesday!
MTV has released plans for the Breaking Dawn book tour! YEAH! Stephenie Meyer said
"it's going to be cool-beyond-my-capacity-to-comprehend." Not only will Stephenie Meyer
be there, but so will a band we all know from Stephenie's New Moon and Eclipse playlists:
Blue October! But Stephenie meant it when she said her Host Tour would be her last big
tour. There are only four events for the Breaking Dawn tour planned at the moment:
8/1 - New York City @ Nokia Theater at Times Square
8/5 - Chicago @ Harris Theater
8/7 - Los Angeles @ Royce Hall
8/12 - Seattle @ Benaroya Hall
For more information, head on over to the MTV Movies page, the MTV Movies blog,
After you're finished reading about the signings, go to ReelzChannel for more fun.
They've posted a wonderful Twilight Guide (my favorite part is 'What to Know When Dating
the Undead'). Remember, you can only post comments if you're registered.
That's all for now!

Sincerely, Alice


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