Breaking Dawn and Twilight News
There's a lot of exciting news today:
In exactly one month from today (July 2nd) Breaking Dawn comes out! Yeah!
Stephenie Meyer's site has been updated with two very important pieces of news! You
can now buy the Breaking Dawn Concert Series T-shirts (available for a limited amount
of time) here, and two more Twilight saga titles have been released here!
You can now vote for Kristen Stewart to be the girl who
"has the best shot at Hollywood Stardom" here.
There's a new picture of Kristen Stewart and Krys "Smokey-Desperado" together.
Click here to see it. has posted an article about the Twilight band, The Bella Cullen Project.
You can now pre-order the 2009 Twilight Movie Calender from Borders!
The Twilight movie trailer is now available in Italian here.
And last, but not least, according to Bella and, the sneak peak of the Twilight
movie that will be released on the Penelope DVD will actually be a 4 minute long trailer!
That's all for now!

Sincerely, Alice


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