Breaking Down the New Moon Trailer
First of all, for those of you who are having issues with the video in the previous post, we finally have the YouTube version of the New Moon trailer up on our official New Moon movie page, and on our list of trailers and videos (we're sorry it took so long. Day after we get back from Forks, we find that our computer had totally crashed, so we're using an older, slower computer until we can get ours fixed).

The trailer (along with Meet Me On The Equinox by Death Cab for Cutie) has also been posted on Stephenie's site!

Now it's time to break it down; A lot of people (especially Alice) are really disturbed by how the Volvo in the trailer looks black instead of silver, but the Twilight Lexicon did some research and found that it really is still silver--just a really, really, really dark silver.

So while Alice was panicking earlier about the color of the Volvo, she found two of the songs used in the new trailer! The song in the middle is I Know What You Are by Carter Burwell (from the Twilight score), and the song at the end is Moving Mountains by Two Steps From Hell.

Both MTV and His Golden Eyes have posted analyses and stills of the trailer!

Have a great day!

Love always, Bella


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