Bronson Pelletier in New Moon, Paul Weitz Directing Eclipse, and the Chance to be in New Moon!
We're back, and wow; we've got a lot of catching up to do!

According to Carrier Talent Management, Bronson Pelletier has received a huge part in the New Moon movie! The question is, what part is that?

According to the Acting 411 blog, Chris Weit's brother, Paul Weitz, will be directing Eclipse! Now, this hasn't been confirmed by Summit Entertainment, so this may or may not be false.

Summit Entertainment has now opened a contest where you can win a trip to the New Moon movie set and be in the movie!

Twilight the now has a special Twilight DVD release party locator to help you find a midnight release party near you!

Starting this Thursday (March 5th), Access Hollywood will be showing exclusive deleted scenes from the Twilight movie for 5 days! The Twilight Saga got an exclusive look at Twilight: Director's Notebook! They also want your questions for an interview with Catherine Hardwicke!

Oregon Business has an article about why it's better that New Moon is going to be filmed in Vancouver, Canada instead of Portland, Oregon again.

It looks like Summit Entertainment hasn't completely dropped Catherine Hardwicke. According to Entertainment Weekly, Summit has asked Catherine to direct another book-to-movie adaption of If I Stay.

Do you have a question for one of the Twilight cast members? Well, through Extra, now is the time to ask it!

4TNZ has another TNZee award: Hair that makes you jealous, which Ashley Greene has been nominated for. They also have a new quiz: Will Bella be your BFF? Another fun song: The Jonas Brother do Twilight...sorta. And two new hilarious articles: What's Next for Robert and Casting Call for New Moon.

PopStar is giving away tons of prizes, including a couple of Twilight prizes. It's actually more of an auction, but you don't need money, just My Star points.

Vogue Magazine has an article about Stephenie Meyer!

MTV got an exclusive look at the Twilight board game!

Robert Pattinson has been nominated for the Best Newcomer award on Empire Online, so head on over there and vote for him!

People Magazine interviewed Billy Burke.

Twilight was on the red carpet in Japan! You can check out two videos of the event here.

Karolmitie from YouTube has a ton more videos of the Tokyo premiere you can check out, too!

Shari, one of the women from Twilight Moms, has become seriously ill, and now Twilight Moms is holding a Twilight auction to raise money to pay the medical bills. You can donate to her here and you can bid at the auction for Twilight merchandise here.

IFC has a list of author cameos, and the list starts with Stephenie Meyer's cameo in Twilight.

If you're planning to go to the Borders Twilight DVD Release party, you can now print out an award ballot on their website to fill out and bring to the party.

Hot Topic has released their second DVD party hint. Last weeks hint was "I heart Bella" and this weeks hint is "Prom." Hmm...

On July 14th of this year, a Breaking Dawn Special Edition will be released!

Hot Topic has released a bunch of new Twilight merchandise.

Twilight has been nominated for Fandago's 2008 Movie-Of-The-Year award! It's fan choice, so go vote for Twilight!

Lauren from Lauren's Bite now has another episode of the tales of pocket Edward.

Sincerely, Alice


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